Nuptial Theology for Everybody

by Don Renzo Bonetti

As Christians, our theology of marriage is ultimately derived from our theology of Christ. Jesus’ nuptial love for the His bride, the Church, is the Reality to which our human sexuality points. In this brief tract, Fr. Renzo Bonetti emphasizes that Christ’s invitation to “the wedding supper of the Lamb” is for all people, whether married in this life or single.


Signs of Love: Christian Liturgy in the Everyday Life of the Family

by Don Renzo Bonetti

If marriage and family is a living sign of God’s Triune life and love for all people, then how do we become more aware of it in our daily lives? How do couples and families learn to embrace small, everyday acts of love as powerful expressions of the gospel, and how do all members of the Church learn to embrace these “signs of love” as significant for them, whatever their marital state? Fr. Renzo Bonetti makes explicit the connection between the corporate liturgy of the Church and the domestic liturgy of the family in this eight-chapter volume which will be available for purchase in 2017. To receive updates about ordering a copy for personal use or small group study, complete this form and select the appropriate checkbox.


Family—Domestic Church: Way of Ecumenism and Evangelism

by Rev Tory Baucum

Hear the Rev. Tory Baucum of Truro Anglican Church expound on the history and theology of The Amore Project.