Right now, national news is dramatic. Laws about marriage are changing. Stories about racially motivated crimes are surfacing. And the future leadership of our country is again an unknown.  Such seismic events can be disorienting and make us feel powerless. After all, in the face of such enormous issues, what can we do?

In times like these, let us remember that the salvation of the world came as a helpless infant in a cattle stall. Let us remember that he worked as a carpenter in a small town, and that his primary ministry was to twelve friends. Let us remember that on the night he was betrayed, he washed some feet and shared some bread.

Brothers and sisters, in the midst of complex issues and dramatic events, we have been given a simple calling: to take up our crosses and follow Him. We have been asked to live as Christ in our own small towns, our own ordinary professions, and in our own limited ministries. And we have been encouraged not to lose heart while doing good, for we will reap a harvest if we do not give up (Gal. 6:9).

Something like “neighboring” or “hospitality” might not seem like very much in light of today’s national issues. But do not lose heart. The Savior who came as a baby said that His Kingdom is like a mustard seed—the smallest of all seeds, but that grows into the tallest of trees (Matt. 13:31).

Our call to love our neighbors—to wash feet and share bread with those in need right in front of us—is a simple calling. It is small, ordinary, and local. But it is through these very means that God will change the world.